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Why Canstal ..

Canstal is a Global leading electrical heat tracing solutions Company. We develop advanced thermal technologies which involve under Industrial, Commercial and Residential sector, and we offer complete electrical heat tracing services to customers in Canada, USA, as well as around the world.

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Canstal offers a variety of solutions that are available for selecting and installing the right Heat Trace Solution and Best control product.

Get The Heat Trace Experts on Your Side

When you work with CANSTAL , you’re putting our broad platform of products and extensive knowledge to work for you. Our engineers and site service personnel stand ready to deliver a complete Electrical Heat Tracing Solution to exceed your performance specifications, meet your budget expectations and minimize risk to your overall operations.

Our goal is to help our customers optimize their heat trace system while offering the lowest installation cost and minimizing installation time. We also want to be your personal resource center should you encounter any issues with your industrial heat trace systems.

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