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We support our clients’ industrial and commercial projects by providing top of the line Electrical Heat Tracing products.

Our selection of electrical heat tracing products is one of the industry’s most significant regarding type and voltage. You are able to choose from our wide variety of cables, units, controls, monitors, and accessories in order to find the product best suited to your needs.

We can also supply custom-designed mineral insulated heating units and cables in accordance with our customers’ needs. Some of our heat tracing products include:

Mineral insulated (MI) heat tracing products
Mineral insulated (MI) fire survival cable
Self-regulating (SR) heating products
Self-Regulating Heating Cable (SR)
Heat tracing power connections and accessories
Heat tracing temperature sensors



Self-Regulating Heating Cable (SR) is a selfregulating heating cable that provides maximum freeze protection for pipelines and vessels. The selfregulating heating cable automatically varies its heat output as the surrounding temperature changes.

EHT power kit CANSTAL

Power connection kit is suitable for use only with the series heating cables. The package provides material for one power connection.


There are three recommended methods of heat tracing control Sensor:

  • Manual Control: MultiTrace switched manually. This method requires supervision to work effectively.
  • Ambient Control: using an ambient thermostat ensures that when the temperature is below freezing, the MultiTrace becomes energized. With this method, you must recognize that even when no snow/ice is present the cables may become energized and power consumed.
  • Automatic Control: this method ensures that MultiTrace energized only when a combination of moisture and low temperature are present, thereby keeping the pipes free of snow/ice. When either the precipitation ceases, or the temperature rises above freezing the MultiTrace is turned off thus conserving energy.

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Self-Regulation Cables:


EHT-SRW “Electrical Heat Trace, Self-Regulation Cables WARM”


EHT-SRH “Electrical Heat Trace, Self-Regulation Cables HOT”

Constant Wattage Heating Cable:


EHT-CW “Electrical Heat Trace, Constant Wattage Heating Cable”


EHT-CWTB “Electrical Heat Trace, Constant Wattage Heating Cable with Tube Bundles”

Mineral Insulated Heating Cable:


EHT-MI “Electrical Heat Trace, Mineral Insulated Heating Cable”