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Who We Are

We aim to provide safe, efficient, and affordable electrical and mechanical heat tracing systems. Our advanced electrical and mechanical heat tracing systems are mainly installed on industrial, commercial, and residential sites such as apartment buildings and luxury custom-built home sectors.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in industries such as:

Oil & Gas
General Engineering
Power Generation

Also, we provide heat trace systems for and public spaces commercial buildings including:

Metro Lines

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The team at CANSTAL Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions consists of experienced engineers, electricians, safety specialists, and business developers. We work together to provide excellent heat trace solutions for a wide range of applications.

At CANSTAL Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions, our vision is to be the leading provider of innovative engineering designs for heat trace systems, as well as the leading provider of electrical heat trace products and solutions that meet the needs of our customers across all sectors, especially in commercial, industrial, retail, and residential heat trace applications. We want to be the go-to company for electrical heat trace needs.

We have made it our mission to provide efficient, safe, and reliable electrical and mechanical solutions to our clients. Our solutions are to be high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective in design, construction, and management. We will always maintain a priority on efficiency, low cost, and safety when it comes to our heat trace systems.

Provide our client with efficient, low cost and safe heat tracing system (Safe, Efficient and Affordable)

When we plan and install heat trace systems, we do so with the safety of our customers and team in mind. Our safety policy is firm, and our HSE certification is up-to-date. Safety is, by all means, our top priority, and we make our high safety standards clear to both clients and the team, whether on-site or in transportation.

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