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5 Essential tips for install heat trace system

  • Do not exceed the circuit limit, the heat trace circuit load has to be balanced, and the inrush current has to be considered before installing a any type of heat trace cable/system, you need to consult Canstal heat trace engineering team to help you size the heat trace circuit/zone.
  • Without proper heat loss calculation, proper amperage calculation and inrush current calculation you are facing a risk of failing to energize the heat trace system.
  • Allow around 3 feet extra for the power and end side of the heat trace zone.
  • Sizing the power distribution cable is one of the most important thing to do before hooking up the heat trace system to the power cable, need to follow the electrical code, sizing the power cable based on the load, amperage and breaker size.
  • Protect the cable from any physical damage, need to follow the instruction in the design guide for any possible  banding radius.
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